how to put top down on bmw z4 MANUAL. Step 3: Select from the drop-down menu the number of items you want to return. 9 cubic feet of trunk space in the Z4, which is good for a convertible luxury sports car. The BMW E89 Z4 is the true roadster from BMW. Thanks! I started driving a little bit before putting the top down so that stuff like leaves fall off but that tool looks good too. Mission accomplished. When we left I put the roof down and we were only a couple of miles from home but Shirl jibbed out and I had to stop and put the top up. I'm not sure if life is passing me by, or trying to run me over! Drop Top Racer: Supercharged BMW Z4 M Roadster. Ignite your senses and experience the ultimate driving machine – top down. Can’t wait? You can even put the top up or down while driving up to 40 kmh / 25 mph. 0-litre straight-six. If it goes down, the motor and pump works. A folding soft-top is standard in the Z4, but an optional removable hardtop is available on some models. " -- Car and Driver "Coupled with a dropped-top, it offers the same sensations of agility and small size as another roadster, the Mazda Miata I drove last year. Have a certified BMW dealer install the retrofit kit on your roadster model. There's 9. These are the key features (that you can set to active, or not) of this SmartTop: Remote control of convertible top Open/Close your convertible top using the original factory remote control key / key fob. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators . Re: 2005 z4 top will go down ,but will not go back up . Upload a number up to 6 images to support your request. Now the BMW 1 Series, 3 Series, 6 Series, Z4 SmartTOP module allows you to operate your BMW Convertible top by using your Factory Key Fob as you walk up to, or away from your vehicle. Not Helpful. 14,585 Answers. 5i - Automatic Soft Top Last night I was putting my top down and like an idiot I left a CD case in the compartment where the top retracts to. Step 4: Supply the reason for return from the drop-down menu. Thank … read more Top was down for about a week or so, driven and parked back in the garage throughout. that is the sound of the motors disengaging. The new Z4 is 3. Posted on Jun 04, 2010. But the issue is, getting the roof off, does any of the "experts" have any detail on how to remove the roof without distroying it. In BMW, Cars, International News, Spyshots / By Gerard Lye / 19 April 2018 2:50 pm / 4 comments. And this means we can finally zoom in on the interior of the . Have the codes read for the top module. The only real ultimate driving machine - a powerful roadster with manual transmission (which is no longer available from BMW). 2003 BMW z4 2. Windows won't go down and can't put top down. When I go to press the button to put it down it will disengage it from the f … read more Tried to put the top down on my 03 Z4 bmw hit the button no lights red/orange came on the windows didn't go down and there was no noise like unlocking, the flap in the trunk was down and I'm at a loss … read more Have a 2012 Z4, tried to put top down and windows went down but cycle stopped and red light flashes, windows won't work and trunk won't open BMW Mechanic: Steve , BMW Expert replied 10 days ago Please check your fuses to be sure this isn’t a fuse issue. I put mine up after all the messed up hair, and it was so effective i leave it up permanently now, even when the top is up. Hi: My Z4 roof (soft top) won't go down, I am sure that it is the hydraulic pump, maybe all it needs is some oil added. E89 Z4 convertible top harness. 2003 BMW Z4. Unless I misunderstood the meaning of Top down/Top up, that sounds like the opposite . "At 10 cubic feet, the trunk of the Z4 isn't huge, but it'll swallow luggage for two for a quick weekend road . top motor for my BMW Z4 2006 conv 3. This car was in for service and we had to take a moment to stop and watch some amazing engineering! In this video, I go over how to manually disengaged a convertible top on a BMW so you can lower it without using the hydraulic pump motor in cases of emergen. Put the top down, the Z4 is back. 2004 bmw z4 convertibile top will not go down, dashbard lights to not light up, have checked trunk and all is set fine. i had the same problem with my 1998 bmw 323i and right under the back drivers seat there is an emergency convertible top lever with a orange tip on it. November 8, 2016. . Step 5: Select refund to store credit. Wind deflector Tried to put the top down on my 03 Z4 bmw hit the button no lights red/orange came on the windows didn't go down and there was no noise like unlocking, the flap in the trunk was down and I'm at a loss … read more Have a 2012 Z4, tried to put top down and windows went down but cycle stopped and red light flashes, windows won't work and trunk won't open BMW Mechanic: Steve , BMW Expert replied 10 days ago Please check your fuses to be sure this isn’t a fuse issue. I am now trying to reconnect the stowage base in the trunk using the "adjusting clips" figure 5 of your Convertible Stowage Compartment Base Replacement". The now soft top only goes down quickly, and can be retracted at speeds up to 35 miles per hour. Possibly mounted . I have tried (with BMW help) to pull the red handle and manually take down the top, but the top is stuck! I have a 2012 BMW Z4 that when started and try to reverse or forward, instantly puts car back into park. The Z4 is our 3rd convertible (two Z3s prior) and always kept a brush like this in the trunk. As a convertible lover, obviously I get more excited about the BMW. We also admit that the Z4 is one of the best looking out there -- top up or down. Writer James Stacey The release of BMW’s new Z4 marks the rebirth of the German manufacturer’s loveable and long-standing two-seat roadster. They are installed when the top is down and they cover the metal bars that are visible at the sides of the car. Check fluid in resivour. underestimate the importance of the wind deflector. Normal dust is one thing, but not leaves or other dirt. BMW convertible cars offer manual and automatic options for closing the convertible top. Blasi and the engineering crew at BMW deserve a standing ovation for pulling off an elegant two-piece folding top . Plus, you'll get the same amount of space whether the power-folding soft top is up or down. So, I made my own version of the BMW top locking tool and secured the rear shell (yeah!) but I cannot put the windows up. If you are like most others who own the z4, or any bmw (or even a vw), you know that the mechanics (engine, etc. It is now stuck. It says "lighting system". on my 2011, it was pushing button down for top down, and pulling up for top up. At the flip of a switch, the Z4’s cloth top unlatches and powers back beneath a hard cover in a mere 10 seconds. There's nothing better than putting the top down on a nice day and finding an entertaining road to enjoy, and the 2021 BMW Z4 is a great choice for such an activity. I'm not sure if life is passing me by, or trying to run me over! dash problems on a 2004 Z4 BMW 2 Answers. July 29, 2015. (there are 3 top motors in the trunk by the left side panel when you remove it) you will then have full . 7 / 10. How to fold back a hard top convertible to a 2009-2013 BMW Z4 Roadster as shown by eimports4Less Auto Sales in Perkasie, PA. The other problem is that the manually option for opening the soft top just doesnt work. It's just backward. Can’t do that with a coupe. By: Jeff Perez. Your most likely looking at the control module or a sensor. BMW convertible tops include an array of moving parts and a motor, which can fail as a result of issues such as part failure or disconnected wires. Tighten the two fasteners within the two holes on the front edge of the hard top once it is in place. When I go to press the button to put it down it will disengage it from the f … read more The BMW Z4 E85 Cabriolet is the first generation of BMW Z4 roasters, produced between 2002-2008. Just answer the questions and do not put . Scratch that. Let this window back up, let go, pull the keys back out of the ignition, & open the door. Never had any problems but didn't put it down in about 2 months. With the soft-top in its folded-down position, the hardtop can be put into place so the car may be used during inclement weather. 0si Roadster. Comments: Hello, I just completed installing a new conv. This is where I don't like how BMW did this. This will secure the front edge to the windshield. BMW Z4 Forums (G29) . A hands-free trunk lid is available. Comments: I have replace my hydraulic cylinders on my 2003 BMW Z4 after installing it back when top is down there is a large gap between the top and trunk, as if its not back far enough what I do wrong: November 25, 2019 : Followup from the Pelican Staff: I would assume the adjustment of the top or cylinders was off. Packages - Cold Weather, M Sport, Premium, Premium Sound. It's automatic. 2008 BMW Z4 3. Mechanically it remains the same as the 2020 model year which means that it still comes in two trims - sDrive30i and the more powerful sDriveM40 with range-topping 3. The passenger’s side of the sedan hit a tree squarely in the center after which the car . 9 inches wider, and a half-inch taller. I have a 2004 z4 bmw, we left the top down and had a very bad storm, the car got wet on the inside, the top will not go up or down, dash lights will not work and the beeping will not stop and someth. Verdict 6. The Z4 has a low-slung appearance that is accentuated by a long bonnet and a short boot lid. We're the East Coast's only used. The BMW Z4 might be getting long in the tooth, but its abilities as a hard-top convertible haven’t diminished. The trunk can fit about 2 normal-sized carry on suitcases with the top down and even . The Z4 looks good as a soft-top though, both with the roof up and down. 3 inches longer, 2. Z4 Trunk Space. BMW Z3 E36 Convertible Top Covers (the flaps covering the metal when top down) Hi All has anyone purchased the convertible top covers for the Z4. It really helps keep the wind from whipping your hair into a mess. May be low or empty. Can‘t wait? You can even put the top up or down while driving up to 40 kmh / 25 mph. 34,000 MILES. I manually shoved the rear shell down and drove home. So, put the key in the ignition & place it in position 1 (ACC). This leak has occurred on every single BMW convertible top that I and my family have owned. You need to press and hold the "open" button on the remote until the roof has finished opening (red light on dash goes out). Posted on Jul 02, 2016. You must reach down and disconnect the connectors, the top connectors are part of the chassis wire harness. With the pita job that it takes to get at the Z4 upper strut mounts, its not a practical option to make quick adjustments at the top of the shock. This made cold weather commuting with the top down very comfortable, and reminiscent of sitting in an outdoor hot tub at a ski resort… more than we thought could be possible, really. But no factory remote (roof closing) option in my 2008 Z4 - but on later Z4s you can remotely open the windows and roof by holding the unlock button down. by aspiringvc. The engine under the hood of the Z4 M40i is BMW’s B58M30O1 single twin-scroll turbo I-6. I keep the top down in the winter . The new Z4 trims and tucks a little bit here, a little bit there, delivering an outstanding result. Wimp! Before I put the Z to bed. when you pull that lever, you will hear a bang sound. Enter the 2019 BMW Z4 convertible and the 2019 Toyota Supra coupe. With the launch of the 2019 BMW Z4 approaching quickly, a prototype now finally allows us to see the roadster with the top down. Posted on July 1, 2015. There is a second latch release button for a storage compartment right below the soft top latch release button. I personally wouldn't do it. It takes around 10 seconds to put the roof down, and you can do this while on the move at speeds of up to 31mphs - handy if . Lots of travelers want to explore in a convertible! The only issue with convertibles is that they take up trunk space when the top is down. There is nothing worse than wanting to put the top down on your Z4 on a sunny day and the convertible’s control switch doesn’t work. BMW has also updated the infotainment and safety technologies. This video shows how you can put the top of your convertible down with just a touch of your hand. Push down to put the TOP down, pull up to put the TOP up. 4 CYL. The latch release button won't budge, so I cannot put the top back up. We just got in from a wedding party in Lincoln. Please help me. Please contact your BMW center to have the cause of the malfunction eliminated. A BMW Z4 prototype was spied testing at the Nurburgring with the top down and the interior nearly uncovered. It's all part of the overall package though! bigshurv wrote: I think the OP is referring to the "new" model with a hard roof. (Availabily - Z3 Pre Face Lift 7, Z3 Face Lift 1, Z4 E85 8, Z4 E89 4, Window 1. ) are great in the fact that they rarely, if ever, cause any issues, but silly things like the stupid cup holders (don't get me started) and eventually bigger, but still aesthetic, items liek the top are the first to go. Posted on December 28, 2016 by bmwtechnician. The BMW Z4 convertible microswitch is a simple fix that will get your top working again in short time. You can move around, as long as you stay within the range that the car can see the remote - you're only talking about 10 seconds, so it's not a long time. Coming out of a fast right hand corner the 1996 328i went from gripping the road to sliding irretrievably out of control. It's a more aggressive looking prototype than some we've seen, and the interior is an . Cargo. Going from a 3 series fixed roof coupe (E92) to the new E89 Z4 even I noticed increase levels of noise inside the car: engine and road noise. dash problems on a 2004 Z4 BMW 2 Answers. 0-liter twin-turbo inline-six which puts out 382-horsepower and shoots the open-top roadster to a speed of 60 . My Foxwell 510 Elite code reader indicated that there is a hall sensor issue. I did not try this with BMW Portland’s car, just in case, so I’ll take the engineers at their word on this spec. Part #: STLFBW1 Designed for: BMW 1 series (E88) BMW 3 series (E93) BMW 6 series (E64) BMW Z4 Roadster (E89) Mini Convertible (R57) Automatic Mirrors on BMW Z4 (E89) Only – If you have folding mirrors is will allow your mirrors to fold / unfold (Please Note: This feature is fully dependent on your vehicle allowing this to happen. My 2005 Z4 convertible top is not working. The truly hard top convertible is very convent. When I go to press the button to put it down it will disengage it from the fasteners but will not go any further. BMW has been building drop-tops virtually . The Koni DA listed for Ford Mustang that work great on other BMW models are left being SA with a click screw for bump at the bottom, and a pot luck guess where you set the top for rebound. If you want to go on a road trip on a sunny day with the top down, BMW has a throaty car on offer in the new 2021 Z4. Let the fun begin,,,,E89 Z4 with hard top convertible,,,,the convertible top stopped working,,,,so I had to open the rear trunk with the computer and release the hydraulic pump pressure,,,,so I can move the top panels,,,to gain access to the top harness and hydraulic . On top of that, it gave up the retractable hardtop for a traditional soft top to save weight and speed the opening and closing process. i removed my back seat to make it easier. I drive with the top down and the radio off more than with either of my previous 6 series convertibles. On some vehicles it will work and some it won’t, this is down to the car and not the module. With the Mods4Cars Smart Top Control interface, your car instantly gets new features, such as operating the convertible top from your factory remote control! Depending on your vehicle, we can enable many new functions simply by installing one of these modules. The soft top connectors are mounted vertically to the chassis with plastic grommets. When I go to press the button to put it down it will disengage it from the f … read more The rear convertible top frame is automatically pressed down onto the convertible top box cover and is sealed tight under tension. SPYSHOTS: BMW Z4 spotted – top down with interior. Convertibles all have the same problem: The windscreen keeps away the wind from the front, and the air which flows over the windscreen creates some kind of vortex in the cockpit. 2019 BMW Z4 sDrive30i Review: Top Down, Thrill Up This isn’t your großvater’s roadster. Be sure to not have the attachments of the hard top scratch the bodywork. This video shows the procedure for manually overriding the convertible soft top hydraulic system on a 2003-2008 E85 BMW Z4, so that you can open and close yo. 2011 Range Rover Sport HSE with Fuji White and Ocean leather. The N52B30 is most powerful naturally-aspirated, non-M Division inline-six BMW ever made, and in the Z4 Coupe it . The Z4 coupe’s greatest asset is arguably its N52B30 3. 2011 E350 4MATIC with Calcite White and Chestnut Brown leather. Other options - Anti-theft alarm system, Automatic high beams, Park distance control, BMW Apps, Navigation system. Wind deflector My 2005 Z4 convertible top is not working. Jul 19, 2019 at 12:00pm ET. 0 si modifying it with motor in the trunk so it won't rust in the drain well. You can put the top up by putting the key in the driver's side door lock and turning it (keeping it there) until the windows and roof closes. This SmartTOP fit both the BMW Z4 Roadster (E85). 2011 BMW Z4 sDrive30i Roadster RWD . The best audio sources in the Z4 is the environment with the top down, let music be the subtle background. Owners benefit from learning how to manually close the top in order to secure the . Buyers can choose . The last thing you want to do is wait for your top to go up or down, demanding you to stay parked and hold a button down. Tony. ) WhatsApp help available - please PM for info. Re: roof opening with bmw key. Add the description of the items to be returned, as well as your preferred branch to return the item/s to. Overview . by Z4 Beemer » Sat Feb 05, 2011 3:46 pm. Lift the hard top with a helper onto the Z4. BMW has a common problem where water will begin to seep down the corners where the top meets the windshield. I ordered another hall sensor, which doesn't seem to have resolved the issue. Helpful 0. This cabriolet has great body control and sharp handling and with the option for a four or six cylinder engine, contributes extra pace and a purr from the engine for your roof down ride. I opened up my soft top, and latched it down. Is there an overide for the seatbelt so the 2011 Z4 can be put in gear without the belt . Drop Top Racer: Supercharged BMW Z4 M Roadster. "The Z4 offers driving enjoyment and top-down fun-in-the-sun, but is also comfortable enough to drive every day. Comment. to operate your BMW convertible top by using your factory key fob as you walk up to, or away from your vehicle. It proved to be a fun car to toss around on twisty roads and down long stretches of . 2WD. The rear convertible top frame is automatically pressed down onto the convertible top box cover and is sealed tight under tension. I have a BMW Z4 3,0i 2005 and the soft top motor has given up. Unless you don't intend to drive top down at all. NJREDZ06. Apart from its 6 Series and upcoming 4 Series brothers, it's lower and smaller and can be used for fun times in two. We’ve experienced the BMW Z4’s composure on the open road and whilst it scored top marks there, we wanted to put it . Once I realized there was something there I raised it up and got the case out but then the top would not go down but it easily went up and locked in . The connectors leading from the soft top are on the bottom. Engine, Performance, Transmission . The BMW fishtailed left and right and then sailed off the road. I find it troublesome to install repeatedly. Hold down the affected window switch for an additional five seconds after the window goes all the way down to perform a memory reset. . The closing procedure must be fully completed; otherwise, injury or damage may occur. View attachment 59072 View attachment 59073 Some big bug splats to shift tomorrow, was like being in Florida. One minute you will be making your morning commute to work, and the next, it’s raining and you’ve got a leak dripping onto your leg. This is a super common question and a good one. You can quickly put the top up and down with touch of a button… Perfect for taking the top down while stopped at a traffic light! I recomend the BMW Z4 sDrive35is if you want a fun car for around town, but don’t plan to take it on any road trips. how to put top down on bmw z4